Goats: Kids and Bucklings to the rescue!

Goats: Kids and Bucklings to the rescue!

http://tinyurl.com/p2vkezkYou can buy fresh goat at the Greenmarket in Union Square in New York City. Goats are so much easier and less expensive to raise than cattle, if you do eat meat or make cheese or yogurt, and in certain states like New York these guys (bucklings) make great grass and weed trimmers, field cleaners, wild herb eaters, and fertilizerers.  Fearless rock and mountain climbers as well.

“Those farms only raise up females — male goats are essentially useless on these operations, since they can’t be milked. That means that bucklings born on dairy farms often meet an unfortunate end. “Especially on the very large farms, they would just tend to compost the babies at birth,” Freudenberger says.”

And of course there’s Goat Cam! http://modernfarmer.com/2013/09/goatcam/  where you can watch “Molly and Joy-Joy, a couple of playful mini-Saanens (cross between Saanens and Nigerian Dwarf goats). They are crazy half-sisters, full of mischief…” which is now coming from Florida. Goats tend to like hanging out with chickens. Dogs like to take responsibility for them as part of their daily routines watching over things for their owners. 

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