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We need volunteers. People that like to write or use WP or edit or comment about food, cooking, science, fermentation, politics and other things that co-incide with out mission. It could be as simple as interviewing an older member of your family to find out what food was like years ago and what they know of things their families did to eat and survive. We also need people that are good at tracking down information sources on the internet, organizing people, keeping an events calendar, etc. Let us know. Here is what we are trying to accomplish:

The Kabocha Factory () is an organization that depends solely on the volunteer efforts of interested individuals to create resources to inform, educate, train, advocate with and for, mobilize, and support the consumption, growth and use of real, organic, wild or cultured fermented, non-GMO foods and beverages as well. We are science based activists comprised of degreed and citizen scientists in microbiology, gastroenterology, immunology, psychiatry, and acute and chronic disease and dysbiosis of the human microbiome associated with contaminated, highly processed and heavily chemicalized environments in which vegetables, grains, legumes are grown and animals and fish live. We are highly supportive of individuals and small networks of family and community owned farms and homesteads that are certified or not using chemicals, antibiotics, genetic manipulation or other unsustainable or end user methods to safely and in the interest of the public health and security of this nation to provide all with nourishing, real, whole foods. We advocate for the rights of all growers and farmers to produce their products  – in a sustainable, organic and verifiably sustainable –  such as cheeses, yogurts, kefirs, raw milk items, breads, pasture raised animals, line caught fish, vegetables, legumes, grains and other plants such as the entire family of cannibis, opium poppies and medicinal herbs.

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