Sake Week in New York City

A Week of NYC sake spectaculars!

Monday June 11 at The Japan Society…/annual-sake-lecture-tasting-u… with John Gauntner (SOLD OUT)

But the day before on Sunday June 10 with our fave guys at Brooklyn Kura at one of the city’s coolest places is NOT SOLD OUT yet and priced as the opportunity of a lifetime. Even if you don’t drink this will be a happening event where you could meet some really cool people.…

On Friday June 15th Joy of Sake where Todd Bellomy of Dovetail Sake and our guys Brooklyn Kura will be pouring their local made in the USA brews!

You could do the Manhattan Sakagura brewery hop on Tuesday June 12 at a higher price than the event at Brooklyn Kura but still an event not to miss…

There are actually a few others because it appears that this is Sake Week or something in New York. Exciting! Anyone that speaks and writes Japanese and English well that needs to be sponsored to attend ANY of these events in exchange for a translation/report let me know ASAP! You obviously need to be of legal drinking age Contact



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