Japanese Food Experts Converge


Nancy Singleton Hachisu returns to the The Brooklyn Kitchen for a Demonstration and dinner in conjunction with some amazing producers of fine Japanese products. Nancy is author of the acclaimed books Japanese Farm Food, and Preserving the Japanese Way and is currently working on Japan: The Cookbook. (Phaidon)

Nancy will be joined by Takehiro Wada of Wadaman Sesame and Jun’ichi Doi of Konbu Doi. Both companies are based in Osaka and are carrying incredible traditions in quality Japanese food into the 21st century.

Wadaman produces some of the best sesame seeds and sesame products available anywhere through a rigorous process that starts in the fields where they source the seeds and continues to their modern factory where they sort, roast and process.

Konbu Doi is a renowned specialty shop focused on seaweed. From the oceans off Hokkaido they bring the best Konbu to market and now these products are available in the USA through our friends at The Japanese Pantry (@japanesepantry.com)

Yamaki Jozo makes some of the most amazing Soy sauce you will ever taste, yuba, tofu and more. It’s organic and truly an artisanal product. Mami Kitani will join Nancy to showcase her family’s line of products produced in Saitama, north of Tokyo.

This is a unique chance to not only learn from one of the premier authorities on Japanese food (who happens to be American) but also a chance to taste, eat and work with the products from two of the top producers in modern Japan.

* Goma Dofu (sesame tofu)
* Konbu Dashi
* Yosedofu (soft tofu)
* Katsuobushi/Konbu Dashi,
* Seasonal Miso Soup with Yamaki Miso
* Ginger and Soy Sauce Marinated Pork Belly Sandwich

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