About culturesgroup

culturesgroup offers food preparation, food culture, and preservation and fermentation education and information. We share and collaborate with individuals, educators, farmers and families and small businese through e-books and internet meetings, printed materials, videos, photos, and presentations on:

• the preservation and demonstration of food culture, food history and techniques
• fermentation and food history, culture and semiotics
• aspergillum (koji), yeasts, and lactobacillus to create:

Miso • Tseukemono • Koji • Tamari • Shoyu • Legumes • Cheese • Vinegar • Fish Sauce • Amazake • Milk Kefir • Kimchi • Breads • Sake • Mirin

For the last 40 years Ken Fornataro has been fermenting and preserving fish, grains and legumes with A. oryzae. Fortunately he’s brought some experienced chefs and fermenters with him. Hailed as a wonder chef at 19, Ken was appointed Executive Chef of The Hermitage in Boston. Soon after, he found himself ducking out the back door to Erewhon, where he befriended Aveline and Michio Kushi, Bill Shurtleff, William Morrison and other chefs who taught him traditional Japanese and Russian foods and fermentation techniques – including koji, amasake, miso, shio-koji, shoyu, sake, shoyu-koji and many kinds of tseukemono.

Ken has continued his study of microbiology, 五大明王, food and fermentation. He has served as Executive Chef, Sous-Chef and Garde Manger of numerous restaurants, and has engaged in other business development – including founding and directing a non-profit organization, which made a significant contribution to developing a cure for HCV and treatment advances for HIV/AIDS.

Ken is the author of 32 publications on science and research. He is working on a book series related to food, fermentation, and aspergillus – The Book of 麹.

E-mail: koji@earthlink.net
Twitter: @culturesgroup
Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/#culturesgroup
Instagram: @culturesgroup

We are not an apolitical group. Racists, nationalists, supremacists, misogynists, and anyone that would use religion to justify the suffering or starvation of babies, children, the elderly, members of the LGBTQ community or any living thing are not welcome amongst us.

Radio interview : http://heritageradionetwork.org/podcast/ken-fornataro/


#ケン フォーナタロより

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