Into the fields to harvest

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Because we are getting into the code and layout you might not see much for a few weeks. So we are posting this video we made years ago of our good friend Sandor Katz doing one of his worldwide fermentation revival lectures. It’s short because it’s just a little segment from a longer presentation.

Here’s a sour pickles recipe from his site

We usually use a variation of this recipe by substituting salted down (about ten percent 10% of zucchini weight before cutting both top and bottom off) zucchini that have been cut into thick but manageable spears.

The idea is to let them drain until a very large amount of water has been released. Rinse them very, very well then dry them off. Proceed with recipe. Toss the water you drained off out, but not near an area where you grow things. We used a similar technique to make our dilled lemon daikon radish pickles. Recipe forthcoming!

Salted down and drained daikon radish, well rinsed off and dried. They now weigh half of what they weighed beforehand. This is how many pickling and fermenting recipes start. In most cases, reducing the water content of whatever it is you are preserving is the way to safely proceed.

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