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Miso (味噌)

Shrimp Miso

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Dried Shrimp

500 grams red miso unpasteurized made with organic soybeans. You can use a pre-made miso.

60 gms mirin (1/4 cup)

30 grams toasted fish flakes

I piece kombu

I Tbl or 15 grams sea salt dissolved in mirin and poured over 10 grams tiny dried shrimp

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Mix well. You can also chop the paste up with a sharp heavy knife before placing it into a clean container. Refrigerate. This should last for a few weeks or more.

Pickles (漬物)

Preserved Lemons – If you are using organic lemons or have well washed anything on the skin off don’t throw anything away. Make a great pickles that can be eaten as is or used to cook with.

Miso pickles (味噌漬け)
Garlic Mushroom Misozuke

Take two pounds of peeled garlic cloves – about 25 heads – and cut off the root end and anything that looks like it has softened or rotted. If the garlic cloves are really big slice them the long way in half or even in three.

Cucumber and Ume Mirin Misozuke

Shio-Koji (塩麹)

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