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  • Miso Master – This company has a storied history that William Shurtleff and Akiko Aoyagi of wrote an entire history about the state of North Carolina and a company named American Miso Co. It was founded by John and Jan Belleme, a couple well known in macrobiotic and food healing communities throughout the world. Their original red miso (赤味噌) is still sold under the Miso Master brand, and it’s still the best miso of it’s type made in the United States. They also sell several other traditional miso types and a soy free garbanzo bean miso made with rice koji. Except for an all soybean miso, most misos are made with rice koji. We highly recommend not only every type of miso they sell, but the other products available through Great Eastern Sun. None of their misos are pasteurized, nor do they contain any added ingredients. Like most misos they are gluten free. They also sell everything in small to very large amounts, including a gluten and wheat free tamari that is unrivaled. Every product they sell is certified organic. You can even call them at (800) 334-5809.

Spores (tane-koji, koji kin)

  • Akita Konno Shouten